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The Gaang's Kids.


Rohan is 3 nowwww

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Princess, I’m afraid the tides will not allow us to bring the ship into port before nightfall.

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Little Zutara adventure time gif…yes I know Katara looks like she’s jumping up and down…let’s just pretend she’s ranting at Zuko(aka: Zuko Lee) //shotdead//

First gif…soo MERCYYYYYYY

Zuko/Katara (c) Bryke

Adventure time (c) Pendelton Ward


The Legend of Korra’s Final Book Countdown

People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl, but I can handle myself.

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The new Earth King kinda reminds me of Kuzco.


Know that I watch everything you do / and hope that I never stop watching you / the day I stop is the day I’m through / you’re a marked man, brother, you’re a marked man. - Mieka Pauley


steal his look: mako

just steal it. rip his shirt straight off of his body and run. do the world a solid.

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Book 4 Needs




Queen Korra

More Opal

Mako Crying.about or for Korra

Katara & Zuko.

Jinora serious fight scene

Mako & General Iroh tag team

Korra Opal & Asami Tag Team

Mako & Kai having heart to heart about they loved ones.(Korra & Jinora)

Lin & Suyin fathers identity


Dramataic Makorra

Fantastic Emmy Makorra

Makorra Kiss

Makorra heart to heart

Mako Proposing


OMG. LOL. What is it with Mako crying?

Don’t forget SHIRTLESS Mako

Katara & Zuko AND Toph

Fire Nation Royal Family

Kainora Date



I have no idea how I got here tbh, but THANK YOU for following this little blog dedicated (mainly) to Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. c: It’s a pleasure to be apart of this fandom — everyone’s been amazing in my short time here so far,and I have to give it to you all for being the best fandom I’ve been in on this website. These two shows mean the world to me, and the fandom just makes it even greater.

Anyway, the following people are some of the fantastic blogs I’ve followed so far and definitely recommend them to anyone into A:TLA and and LOK. Besides these (as I’m sure I will forget some!), here is my blogroll.

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P.S. Let me know if you consider us friends, and I’ll edit! Some I were on the fence about. I need to send more messages to people!! But I am so awkward and shy hahhah ; o ;

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